Discount Coupon

Discount Coupon

Our potential customers will get their discount coupons automatically from the store. 

Opening Discount Offer:

Everyone knows that KF Oriental is moving outside to King Street and Common Garden Street cross section and we are launching our website. We are giving our customer 5% discount on minimum order of £25. Please let your friends know about it and use this discount coupon to get 5% discount.


CODE: 499f9e3688

Certain other restrictions may apply. Please see below for other details.

You need to spend £25.00 to use this coupon, on qualifying products.

The coupon is valid between 06/21/2010 and 08/31/2010

Discount Coupon Restrictions

Category Restrictions:

  • This coupon is valid for all categories.

Product Restrictions:

Discount Coupons may not be applied towards the purchase of Gift Certificates. Limit 1 coupon per order.

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